Spelling bee contest 2017

Each year we have a spelling bee at our school, and the winners move on to the regional competition. Classrooms had their class spelling bees in January to select students for the school spelling bee. All of our Spelling Bee participants work very hard to learn very difficult words. The school spelling bee was on Wednesday and Thursday February 1st and 2nd. Congratulations to all of the students who made it into the final round.


1st Grade
1st place: Gerardo Emmanuel Oyervides Aguilera (13-20)
2nd place: Rubén Arguelles Rivera (11-02)
3rd place: Alejandro Pedraza Lozano (11-17)

2nd Grade
1st place: Mateo Aguilar Santana (23-01)
2nd place: Felipe Angel Villarreal Villarreal (23-30)
3rd place: Marely Zoe Rendón Hernández (22-21)

3rd Grade
1st place: Kathia Moreno Sánchez (31-18)
2nd place: Rodrigo Ríos Esqueda (32-22)
3rd place: Mariana Natalia Cisneros Pérez (31-04)

4th Grade
1st place: Augusto Romeo Selvas Treviño (42-36)
2nd place: Arturo Moisés Contreras García (42-11)
3rd place: Mariana Morga Meneses (42-27)

5th Grade

1st place: Alexandre Etienne Fernández Cepeda (52-09)
2nd place: Isabella Salas Corpus (52-25)
3rd place: César Alejandro Chávez Benavides (51-09)

6th Grade
1st place: Santiago Isla Quiroz (61-17)
2nd place: David Cantú Fernández (63-02)
3rd place: Emilio Armando Oropeza Montalvo (62-18)


Concurso de escoltas

EL pasado 30 de Enero se llevó a cabo el concurso de escoltas en el cual participó la escolta de nuestro colegio y obtuvo el segundo lugar.


World Tour 2016

Last week, students in Nursery, Preschool and Elementary levels of Colegio Franco Mexicano introduced the project “World Tour 2016” to their parents. They traveled to different countries through an interesting morning plan. The purpose of the presentations is to encourage children to develop their skills and vocabulary as well as build up their confidence and develop their poise for public speaking. We are proud of all students who worked hard to prepare this project.

Congratulations! Thanks for coming!

Kindergarden World Tour

Parte 1

Parte 2

Elementary World Tour

1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade

4th, 5th, 6th Grade